SOLD – Red Zebra 

Acryl on canvas (50×50) My second order! Someone liked the zebra from the series: “Little Africa” so much he orderd the exact same piece. I had fun making the same, yet a different painting. For example, I used a lot more white and also enlarged the zebra a little bit, bringing it to life. 

SOLD – little Africa part 4

Acryl on canvas (50×50)  The final piece of the African series (check out last posts). I personally love this piece the most, since elephants are such majestic creatures and I really feel like I put that aspect in it. 

SOLD – little Africa part 3

Acryl on canvas (50×50) Good news! The company that ordered the rhino and zebra was so happy with the result,  that they ordered two more. A lion and an elephant in the same style.  

SOLD – Little Africa part 2

Acryl on canvas (50×50) It was tough making a good picture with flash, that explains the weird angle. I loved making this painting though, because the colors go very well together. Plus, who doesn’t love zebras?

SOLD – Little Africa

FIRST ASSIGNMENT-ON-DEMAND! Acryl on canvas (50×50) Yesterday I got my first assignment from a company in Amsterdam(!). They requested 2 African animals for their meeting rooms. This painting is varnished and all good to go. Curious about the second animal? I’ll post a photo of the painting tomorrow.

African family

Aquarel on paper (42×30) I would like to share my first piece of art with you. This is where it all started, my love for art and my love for South-Africa. My parents just came back from South-Africa and brought this with them. It was a tiny statue, bought from the African locals. It was…

Skully skills

White polychromos Faber Castell pencil on A4 (21×30) I made this sketch as a study for faces and shadow working. This way I can make my drawings come alive. Let me know what you think!

From creepy mannequin to Space villain

Charcoal on paper (70×110) Last week’s art class we got a mannequin. We could go crazy and this is one of the 3 sketches I made that night. I loved the position she was in, kind of to the side but not all the way, so you could see all of her face. What I…

First blogpost

Today I got my official go! I got an email confirming that I will be going to South Africa, from January 23 till April 14. First thing I did was creating my website, with the intention to air it on the same day. Now I’ve got to start finishing some of my paintings, and more important,…