From creepy mannequin to Space villain

Charcoal on paper (70×110)

Last week’s art class we got a mannequin. We could go crazy and this is one of the 3 sketches I made that night.

I loved the position she was in, kind of to the side but not all the way, so you could see all of her face. What I like about this sketch was both the feminine side (the breasts) but also the badass short hair and the “censored” eyes (they were too creepy to draw), which gave her an almost out-of-space look. Almost as if they were glasses and laser beams could shoot out of her eyes any second.


First blogpost

Today I got my official go! I got an email confirming that I will be going to South Africa, from January 23 till April 14. First thing I did was creating my website, with the intention┬áto air it on the same day. Now I’ve got to start finishing some of my paintings, and more important, photograph them! I’ll keep you guys posted.