King of Africa

Acrylic on a loose piece of canvas. If you look closely, you’ll see this king has got gold dropping from its teeth…

Striped is the new black

Can you see what it is? It may have taken you more than one second to realise what you’re looking at. That’s what I like about this piece. (Hint: it’s a zebra’s butt).

SOLD – Red Zebra 

Acryl on canvas (50×50) My second order! Someone liked the zebra from the series: “Little Africa” so much he orderd the exact same piece. I had fun making the same, yet a different painting. For example, I used a lot more white and also enlarged the zebra a little bit, bringing it to life.

SOLD – little Africa part 4

Acryl on canvas (50×50) The final piece of the African series (check out last posts). I personally love this piece the most, since elephants are such majestic creatures and I really feel like I put that aspect in it.

SOLD – little Africa part 3

Acryl on canvas (50×50) Good news! The company that ordered the rhino and zebra was so happy with the result,  that they ordered two more. A lion and an elephant in the same style.

SOLD – Little Africa part 2

Acryl on canvas (50×50) It was tough making a good picture with flash, that explains the weird angle. I loved making this painting though, because the colors go very well together. Plus, who doesn’t love zebras?

SOLD – Little Africa

FIRST ASSIGNMENT-ON-DEMAND! Acryl on canvas (50×50) Yesterday I got my first assignment from a company in Amsterdam(!). They requested 2 African animals for their meeting rooms. This painting is varnished and all good to go. Curious about the second animal? I’ll post a photo of the painting tomorrow.

African family

Aquarel on paper (42×30) I would like to share my first piece of art with you. This is where it all started, my love for art and my love for South-Africa. My parents just came back from South-Africa and brought this with them. It was a tiny statue, bought from the African locals. It was…