(Acrylic+water on canvas 30×30 cm) Hey, I’m back! After being home from South-Africa for about 2 months I finally started painting again. My little baby brother was my inspiration. I hope to finish this piece soon!

Warhol woman – AoD SOLD

Acryl on canvas 50×50 I got an Art-on-Demand order from Robert, to make his girlfriend a portrait. I decided to go Andy Warhol style and I’m happy with the result!

African family

Aquarel on paper (42×30) I would like to share my first piece of art with you. This is where it all started, my love for art and my love for South-Africa. My parents just came back from South-Africa and brought this with them. It was a tiny statue, bought from the African locals. It was…

From creepy mannequin to Space villain

Charcoal on paper (70×110) Last week’s art class we got a mannequin. We could go crazy and this is one of the 3 sketches I made that night. I loved the position she was in, kind of to the side but not all the way, so you could see all of her face. What I…